Cut Cooling Costs With Zone Control

If your home comfort systems are controlled by a single thermostat, you’re paying too much to cool (and heat) your home. That’s because it’s rare for every room to be occupied at the same time. And yet with just one thermostat, you’re wasting money by providing equal amounts of conditioned air throughout your home, even in unoccupied rooms. 

Here’s the alternative: a whole-house zone control system with programmable and Wi-Fi accessible thermostats. By adding additional zones, you’ll enjoy maximum comfort where and when you need it and save money by raising or lowering temperatures where you don’t. It’s just that simple.

Here’s how that benefits you:

Customizable comfort. A zoned system enables you to control the temperature in each zone, one at a time. Using only the living or TV room in the evening? That’s where you want the full measure of warm or cool air. When you go to bed, you can change temperatures from zone to zone accordingly.

Greater energy efficiency. With multiple zones, you can enjoy comfy temperatures only when and where you need them. In fact, a fully-zoned heating and cooling system can cut your monthly utility costs by up to 40%.

Programmable thermostats. Controlling your home energy costs isn’t just about the number of zones. Replacing conventional thermostats with programmable models can help you save even more.  Today, you even have the choice of programmable thermostats with remote Wi-Fi access, meaning you can change temperature settings no matter where you are using your thermostat app. Here are just a few of many available features:

  • Remote Wi-Fi access and control.
  • Smart Phone accessible.
  • Automatically activates when you are near by utilizing your smartphone’s location to assure maximum comfort for your arrival
  • LED-Illuminated Halo Ring changes color upon function. Orange (heating), Blue (cooling), Green (savings).
  • Automatically regulates temperature when you’re away.
  • Measures levels of indoor humidity and temperature for increased comfort.

Contact Air Professional Associates today to learn more about whole-house zone control and programmable thermostats – two great ways to enhance indoor comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

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