Common Myths and Facts About AC Systems

There is no shortage of tips, tricks, and well-meaning advice on how to maintain your central air conditioning system and keep your family cool without breaking the bank. Yet some of these “helpful hints” can do your system more harm than good.

To help you separate fact from fiction, join us as we bust up some of the most common central AC myths.


You don’t need to have your central air serviced annually.


Just like your car, a central air system needs routine maintenance to run at peak performance. Annual maintenance can also prevent small problems from turning into costly, emergency repairs. What’s more, some system manufacturers require an annual inspection to keep the warranty in good standing.


Save money by turning the AC off or setting the temp extra high when leaving the house.


Your savings will be short lived once you come home because the system will need to work that much harder to cool a hot house. Your best bet is a programmable thermostat that you can set to a higher temp before leaving and start cooling things down before you arrive home.  


A new, energy-efficient system will instantly reduce my cooling bill.

Fact – Sure, you’ll see at least some savings right away, but not as much as you could if your home has poor insulation, leaky windows and exterior doors, and leaky ductwork.

Myth – The bigger the system, the better.

Fact – An over-sized system will cycle on and off continuously, resulting in higher utility costs. On the flip side, an under-sized system will run overtime to try and cool the space to the desired temp, which translates to overuse and can result in premature system failure.

Myth – The thermostat’s location doesn’t matter.

Fact – On the contrary, a thermostat positioned in direct sunlight, too close to windows, vents, or radiators may keep the system running longer than need be or shut down prematurely.

Myth – Cover the outdoor unit in the winter.

Fact – Covering the outdoor unit can seal in moisture and speed up corrosion. If you are concerned about heavy snowfall, simply place a board over the fan. And if you have a heat pump for heating and cooling, don’t cover it at all since it runs year round.

Like you, we want you to get your full money’s worth from you home comfort systems. Contact Air Professionals any time you need advice or have a problem that’s making matters worse.   


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