Common AC Repair Problems in Armonk and Bedford Hills

Your air conditioning is a complex network of interlocking mechanical and electrical components designed for a single purpose: to keep AC systems and your family cool and comfortable, all summer long.

Still, AC systems don’t last that way. Their average lifespan: 10-15 years. Once it hits a certain age, all kinds of repair issues can suddenly spring up and require attention. If they happen often enough, you’ll probably reach the point where you’re better off replacing than repairing it.

But until that time comes, these are among the most common conditioning problems for home owners in Westchester, Fairfield, and neighboring counties:

Electrical wiring

If your system wasn’t properly wired when it was installed, then it’s highly likely you’re going to

encounter system stoppages caused by a sudden loss of power. At the same time, age and use can take their toll even on well-wired systems.

And that’s just one of many reasons to have preventative maintenance performed at least once a year.

Common AC Repair Problems in Armonk and Bedford HillsRefrigerant leak

If your system needs a refrigerant charge, chances are there’s a leak or refrigerant leak within the refrigerant system. On the topic of refrigerant, you also should be aware of which type your system uses: R-22 (Freon) or its more eco-friendly replacement, R-410A.

All new systems are made with the latter, although Freon is and will be available through 2020 to charge older systems.

Outside fan isn’t working

The fan within your outdoor condensing unit moves the warm air from inside your home. Without that fan, there’s no heat transfer, and no cool air.

That in turn could cause the compressor to overheat and then you have an even bigger repair problem on your hands.

The correct course of action when you even suspect and AC systems problem is to report it to a qualified professional as quickly as possible.

Outside unit isn’t working

This probably means the unit has lost power. Other possible causes include faulty contactors or a problem with your thermostat.

Frozen coil

The coil inside your air handler (the indoor half of your AC system) can freeze from a lack of refrigerant or pool airflow which, in turn,

can be caused by something as simple and preventable as a clogged filter.

You know what all five of these problems have in common, along with numerous others?

They can easily be prevented through a regular program of preventative maintenance.

Today, we invite you to contact Air Professional Associates to schedule service, especially if it’s been a year or more since service was last provided.

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