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Let’s briefly examine the whole concept of self-maintenance, focusing on those things you do just because you know it’s right. You cut your grass, for example, because if not you’ll have some very unhappy neighbors while losing a large measure Read More

The Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance

The Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance “Ah, spring.”  A couple months later: “Summer’s finally here!”  A couple days later: “Quick, someone turn on the AC!” That’s a New York and Connecticut summer for you. Long-drawn out winters, summers that feel Read More

More Ways to Keep Cool

With or without central air conditioning, keeping cool during the dog days of summer requires a concerted effort and maybe even a little creativity. After all, not everyone has central air. Even if you do, AC systems sometimes break down Read More

Air Conditioning Health Benefits

Other than having a cold, what sorts of things are most likely to get you coughing and sneezing up a storm?  Actually, that’s a pretty long list, including plucking your eyebrow, sunshine, working out, scented candles, vacuuming your floors, a Read More

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