Breathing Techniques for Stress

As prevalent as stress is in most peoples’ lives, some do very little to alleviate the causes or avoid situations almost sure to bring it on – not a good recipe for peace of mind.

So, if you’re having trouble dealing with stress and can’t find your way through what appears to be a maze of obstacles, we’re confident you’ll find the following tips to be most helpful.

Belly Breathing 

Belly breathing is a great way to release anger and dispel upsetting thoughts; it’s also useful for pain relief and general relaxation.

Breathing Techniques for Stress

  • Place your right hand over the center of your chest, your left hand over the center of your stomach, and take in a slow deep breath. If the hand on your stomach rises higher than the other, you have successfully drawn that breath deep into your lungs.
  • Exhale through your mouth, letting the breath out slowly and completely. When you feel that your lungs are nearly empty, pull your stomach in a little to squeeze out the last bit of air.
  • Repeat the above steps four times for a refreshing abdominal breathing exercise.

Once you’re comfortable with this breathing technique you can stop using your hands.

Counting Breaths

Counting breaths is a simple technique that occupies your mind by keeping it focused on counting every time you exhale. As you pay full attention to each outgoing breath, you may notice a gradual easing of tension.  

  • Take a few deep breaths and let tension drain away from your shoulders and concentrate on breathing steadily, slowly, and quietly.
  • Repeat the step above four times.
  • Start a new cycle of five and keep going until you’re more at peace with the world.  

The Calming Breath

Breathe in deeply and hold it for the count of four, then release slowly through slightly pursed lips for the count of eight. The calming breath is also useful if you feel angry or irritated. It can quickly help calm you down and gain a sense of clarity and control.

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