Common Fall Allergies

Autumn can be a brutal time of year if you’re sensitive to mold and ragweed. And if those aren’t enough to keep you up at night, how about hay fever, leaves, dust mites, bacteria, cleaning by-products and more. And while Read More

How to Declutter Your Home

Try as you might to prevent it, things just find a way of piling up throughout your home…including in plain sight. When do you tend to notice? How about on cleaning day, or when you’re hunting down an object you Read More

More Ways to Keep Cool

With or without central air conditioning, keeping cool during the dog days of summer requires a concerted effort and maybe even a little creativity. After all, not everyone has central air. Even if you do, AC systems sometimes break down Read More

How to Spruce Up Your Home

Whether it’s a cute as a button ranch or a sprawling estate, one thing is for sure – home is where your biggest investment is…at least for most people. It’s also where you spend gobs of time, and time has Read More

Air Conditioning Health Benefits

Other than having a cold, what sorts of things are most likely to get you coughing and sneezing up a storm?  Actually, that’s a pretty long list, including plucking your eyebrow, sunshine, working out, scented candles, vacuuming your floors, a Read More

Tips for Safe Outdoor Grilling

The steaks are perfectly marinated, veggies freshly picked from the garden, and the cooler filled to the brim. The warm weather is upon us that means it’s outdoor grilling season. But whether you’re the master of the gas grill or Read More

How to Reduce House Dust

Keeping your home even relatively dust-free is a never-ending battle. You wipe down a surface and, before you know it, dust starts settling all over again. There are, however, a few simple steps you can take to reduce dust accumulation. Read More

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