6 Top Home Maintenance Chores

In life, there are plenty of things you can’t control. Like the weather, cold and flu viruses, an unplanned visit from Aunt Mildred and, well, you get the idea.

Even more reason to focus on what you can control and/or predict. Because by doing so, you’ll be better prepared once something goes wrong.

Here are a few good examples:  

Foundation – A small hairline crack in your home’s foundation is probably nothing to worry about. The worry starts when the crack expands, or other cracks appear. Any crack wider than 1/8 of an inch should be sealed to keep moisture out. Anything wider than half an inch should be looked at by a pro.

6 Top Home Maintenance Chores

Roof – Don’t wait until water starts leaking through the ceiling to realize you have a repair issue on your hands. Inspect the attic regularly for water stains, especially around the chimney and vents. Cut back tree branches and clean gutters at least twice a year to keep rainwater flowing freely and away from your house.

Electrical System – If you have an older home, the electrical system may not meet today’s code requirements or power needs. Wiring can become frayed, breakers can rust, switches and sockets can wear out and you may find yourself over-using extension cords to handle your family’s increasing electrical demands. When should you call a licensed electrician? When circuits keep tripping, outlets become warm or hot to the touch, outlets spark, lights flicker, and so on.

Crawl Space – No matter how big or small, this often-ignored spot can hide wood rot, termite damage, pest infestation, and even structural issues. Grab a flashlight and look around the crawlspace periodically for signs of trouble. 

Deck – A deck adds entertaining and living space to your home, but only when it’s not falling apart. Keep up with maintenance by cleaning it, securing nails, reapplying stain or sealant, and replacing any damaged or rotten boards.

HVAC System – If your motto is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” you could be setting yourself up for costly emergency heating and cooling repairs. Annual maintenance can help detect problems, extend the life of the system, and improve indoor air quality.

Here at Air Professionals, we service and repair all makes and models of home heating and cooling systems, including yours. Has it been a year or longer since yours was professionally cleaned and inspected? If so, contact us today for added comfort, convenience, and lower utility costs.

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