5 Healthy Living Tips

Life on the go can be invigorating.  But it can also lead to bad habits if we neglect our bodies and overall physical health.

To help ensure that your good health keeps pace with your sometimes frenetic lifestyle, we offer you these time-tested healthy living tips.

  1. Enjoy a pint of water first thing in the morning.

If you haven’t got time for anything else in the morning, make time to drink a big glass of water. We lose a lot of oxygen through the night and, to rejuvenate our cells, we need to supply our body with water and oxygen. Drink a glass of water each day and within a week you’ll begin to feel less tired.  If the taste of water doesn’t quite do it for you, squeeze some fresh lemon or lime into your glass to enliven your taste buds naturally.

  1. Grab some fruit on your way out.

Wherever you’re headed, take a couple of your favorite fruits along with you.  Fruits and snacking vegetables are a great source of nutrients, vitamins, and sugars that our bodies require.


  1. Avoid the junk food, because it’s just that.

If the closest restaurant to your home or office is a fast food joint, and you don’t have time for anything else, avoid the burgers and fries and opt for a fresh salad instead.  More and more fast food restaurants are adding healthier items to their menus, recognizing our need and desire for more nutritious options.

  1. Exercise on the go.

If you work in an office, get up every 30 – 60 minutes and go for a walk. If that’s not practical, do the best you can, even if it’s climbing the office stairs or taking a walk during your lunch or coffee break.  The idea is to keep you blood flowing and muscles moving.

  1. Drink herbal teas.

Whether at work or home, many of us enjoy a hot beverage…especially during the daytime hours.  Herbal tea is the healthy choice, especially compared to coffee. If you find it too difficult to give up coffee, try mixing in at least one cup of tea a day.  Who knows, you might even learn to love it!

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