5 Common Furnace Repair Problems

Every year you own your furnace, the likelihood grows that you’ll either experience a repair problem or need to replace it.  If this is year 15 or 16 of its continuous operation, it’s a statistical certainty that this will be its last.  Doesn’t mean that will happen, of course, but isn’t always better to know what you’re up against?

If you’re currently experiencing a home heating problem, or just curious what MIGHT go wrong if and when something DOES go wrong, here are five very likely candidates:

5 Common Furnace Repair ProblemsThe filter.

A clogged or dirty furnace filter can cause a host of problems. Dirt and debris can work their way into your air ducts and cause overheating, blocked airflow, and even cracks in the heat exchanger. Replacing the filter monthly is a simple way to keep your furnace running efficiently and problem free; it can also help prolong its lifespan.

The thermostat.

No heat, low heat, or even too much heat can be the result of a malfunctioning thermostat. Once we’re called in to troubleshoot a potential furnace repair problem, that’s one of the first things we check. That’s especially true if you have multiple zones and thermostats and you’re only experiencing heating problems in one such area.

The fan.

Make sure the blower on your furnace is set to “auto”. If the fan still runs too often or turns off and on frequently, your furnace may be overheating.

The vents.

First, check to see if the air blowing through your vents and registers is warm to the touch. Also, if the airflow feels weak to you, that could indicate cracking, leaking, or pinching inside your ducts.

The ignition.

Is your furnace turning itself off for no apparent reason? If so, you might have a faulty electronic ignitor:  this is the component that replaces the pilot light used in older model furnaces to ignite your furnace.  If this is indeed the problem, you might be able to reset the ignitor on your own.  Check your owner’s manual for detailed instructions, and follow them to the letter.

Of course, when no amount of DIY investigative or repair work gets your furnace working properly again, that’s all the reason you need to contact Air Professionals.  We’ll find out exactly what’s wrong and give you our best advice on how to address the problem, whatever it might be. And we’ll get you scheduled with as little wait time as possible.  Air Professionals:  your local indoor comfort partners.

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